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For support on which product is suitable to treat your horse, please contact our support or send your vet our veterinary information support pack.

Equilymph Double-Wrap

Made to measure medically correct compression garment for equines. 

For use on equines with light/moderate feather

Available to:  

Vet or EMLD therapist prescribed

Intended use:

Equine lymphoedema (Stage 1 and 2) 

Primary lymphoedema (Chronic Progressive Lymphoedema – CPL Score AA, and A) 

Aiding recovery after lymphangitis 

Aiding recovery after cellulitis 

Stable fill (stable fill, stocked legs, stocking up) 

Prophylactic support for stabled or confined horses 

Laminitis and to improve hoof health 

Lymphatic-friendly wound covering  

Prophylactic support for mud fever (chronic pastern dermatitis) 

Recovery from tendon injuries and tendonitis

Prophylactic support for windgalls (windpuffs) 

Suitable for: 

Suitable for horses with light to moderate feather 

Suitable for horses with light to moderate clipped feather 

Suitable over slight skin thickening (hyperkeratosis) 

Suitable for horses with skin folds

Volumes of no more than 20% excess

Press test of between 1-3 

Stretch test of between 1-3 

Can be suitable for turn out, if protected by a mud boot or wrap 


Not suitable for horses with very heavy feather 

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