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Hivamat / Deep Oscillation Personal (DOP) Rental

We are so pleased to be able to start the Spring/Summer 2022 season with some great news for owners of horses with CPL suffering from skin folds and hyperkeratosis.

The DOP is a portable, electro-static device that assists soften fibrotic and thickened tissue, without increasing blood flow or causing heat, which is detrimental in the treatment of lymphatic disease.

Easy to use, treatments can be applied at any time to dry, clipped legs. The oscillating action encourages connective tissue to become softer, as well as gives an anti-inflammatory effect.

The DOP can be rented for £120 per week (£17 per day) or by the month for £400 (£13 per day). A rental agreement must be signed, and the DOP registered on the renter’s home insurance policy.

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